Orlando Orange
The price of being famous

Das People-Magazin hat einen Artikel über Orlando verfasst. Ist leider auf englisch, aber trotzdem viel Spaß beim lesen.

Orlando Bloom:"you can´t date when you´re famous!"

Orlando Bloom says he's learned to accept being labeled a screen hottie.

"A friend explained it to me in a way that helped," the Pirates of the Caribbean star, 30, says Elle's May "Green" issue.

"He said there's a window in every girl's life where they kind of attach to somebody for a month. And if you're that person for a month, then just enjoy it. And I was like, 'Okay, cool!' "

What he has yet to accept, however, is how being famous hurts his love life. "You can't date if you're famous," he says. "That's how it seems to me." (Bloom split with Kate Bosworth in the fall after four off-and-on years together.)

"There are complications in relationships between men and women," he explains. "There always will be. But there's also the celebrity aspect of it. It's like you travel so much and it feels like the options are endless. People think getting a new partner is like getting a new car."

A dedicated environmentalist, he has a grim view of how that modern attitude toward romance affects society. "I have this wacky theory about the end of civilization, that people will trade up and trade up and trade up until they're too old to have kids. And the world will come to an end."

Given the high price of fame, he might be ready to lower his profile. "I was talking to Johnny" – Depp, his Pirates costar – "on the set one time. I said, 'Can you believe they pay you this much money to do a job you really love?' And he said, 'Privacy becomes really expensive.'

"It's true," Bloom says. "You don't see certain people out doing events. Because they have a way of not doing them. But at the same time you want to stay real."Orlando Bloom: 'You Can't Date If You're Famous'
17.4.07 19:01

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